When placing an order with As You Wish Balloon and Events Customers making a booking are deemed to have read, understood and agree to the Terms of Services and Cancellations/Deposits Policy before making a payment, after payment is made it’s assumed Customers have agreed to these terms

Please see below for As You Wish Balloon and Events Terms of Service.


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or queries. 

We look forward to helping you create magical moments and memories with our bespoke balloon creations.


Collections and Balloon delivery:

As a growing small local business, we primarily offer collection and currently only offer a very limited delivery service within Leigh- On-Sea, Essex and the surrounding area. Balloon delivery is subject to availability. Please discuss and confirm your balloon delivery options and needs at the time of your booking.


Payment should be made by bank transfer upon booking your balloon gift or design; bookings will not be confirmed until Deposit payment has been received. This process also allows As You Wish Balloon and Events to operate safely under COVID secure measures.


  • Please contact As You Wish Balloon and Events to discuss your bespoke balloon design and arrange your balloon collection or delivery. For collection orders we require the date you intend to collect the display, and NOT the date of the celebration. And we ask and agree on an hour’s window collection time.

  ●  Bookings are not confirmed or placed in our diary until deposit payment has been received by bank transfer (this should usually take place at the time of booking) which will be provided at the time of booking. 


We operate on the basis of 50% payment at time of booking in 95% of our orders, however, on occasions we will agree to work on a 10% basis of taking a deposit for a booking, in this event please see below terms.

  • If cancellation is later requested by the customer, this must be made no less than 7 days prior to your balloon booking date; where the non-refundable £10 deposit will be retained to cover the cost of materials and loss of booking/time.

  • If you need to change to an alternative date, delay or move your booking or to a different celebration; this must be discussed with and agreed with by As You Wish Balloon and Events at the time of enquiry. However

  • If changes are agreed to - and depending on if whether the same display or a different balloon display is to be provided at on the rearranged date - or a completely different display/theme As You Wish Balloon and Events reserves the right to hold the £10 non-refundable deposit for materials/time used before the change was made, in which case the customer would be liable to pay the extra fee to bring the order up to balance no less than 2 weeks prior to the rearranged booking date

  • If the rescheduled or revised booking is of less monetary value than your initial balloon order, the difference minus the holding deposit for loss of time/materials will be refunded.

  ●  Or on the same note if the newly rearranged order is of a different design or theme and is of a higher cost than the original order, then the customer will be required to pay the additional costs no less than 2 weeks prior to the revised booking date.

Liability and Balloon Care:

Because of the delicate and fragile nature of balloon products, As You Wish Balloon and Events cannot be held responsible for any balloon display or its condition once it has been handed over to the customer and/or left our premises.

This includes but is not limited to: damage, leakage, burst balloons, improperly handled/transported/stored, played with by children, exposure to direct heat source or extreme hot/cold temperatures such as kept next to hot radiators or near drafts, sharp objects/edges/items, or exposure to outdoor elements. All of these can and will cause your balloons to POP! 

There occasional instances where balloon products are faulty; of which case it’s at As You Wish Balloon and Events discretion upon being made aware of any issues with a customer's order that we will ask for details/explanation of the fault for us to establish if a faulty balloon could be the culprit (customer error/mishandling) As You Wish Balloon and Events will make arrangements with the customer to return the damaged balloon for full and close inspection to better determine if faulty product is the cause or customer error in not following the care instructions. If it’s clear fault is the cause agreement will be discussed directly with the customer as to best resolution whether refund or replacement (neither option is guaranteed as depends on multiple factors on inspection) if on return of the display for inspection is agreed this does not guarantee any such refund/replacement will be honored depending on what is found in the inspection.

Balloon Float Time Guide (Helium Displays or Arrangements)

Balloon Care

●      Please do not release helium balloons into the atmosphere/environment as not only is this breach of air-traffic rules they can also harm wildlife/animals/Sea Life or Freshwater animals/environment when they eventually pop or fall to the ground which in turn will litter and cause environmental issues. And lastly, some balloons (mainly foil balloons) conduct electricity and have a large risk affecting overhead power lines.

  • Enjoy your balloon and when it is deflated, dispose of it responsibly, normally in general waste or suitable recycling methods for paper or plastic accessories. 

  • Balloons are intended for display purposes; increased handling will highly likely cause damage to the balloon.

●    Balloons are intended for indoor use. If choosing to display outdoors please take weather conditions into consideration and be aware outdoor use does impose a higher chance of the balloon’s life expectancy being shorter.

Balloons can Pop:

While we use the highest quality balloons from the leading professional manufacturers, while we take every precaution necessary with your balloons to ensure they last through your event or celebration, once the balloons leave our door or we have left the venue, they are no longerAs You Wish Balloon and Events responsibility or liability.

Balloons and Temperature:

Please don't leave balloons in a hot car or cold car overnight (just don’t leave in a car full stop!) - helium expands in the heat and this could cause your balloons to pop! We recommend that you use air conditioning in your vehicle when transporting balloons to its final destination on a hot day. Also, if you’re lucky enough to have sunshine when you have your balloon display it’s imperative you keep the balloon/s away from direct sunlight, as in no actual sun beams/light directly hitting the balloon for the same reasons as above. Don't keep them right next to windows, or worse in somewhere with lots of glass like a Conservatory. On the same note we strongly recommend keeping balloon displays away from warm/hot radiators, balloons like to be kept at room temperature, however; keeping too close to a hot radiator will impact and reduce the life of your balloon which As You Wish Balloon and Events cannot be held responsible for.

Balloons - Child and Pet Precautions:

Balloons are not a toy. Uninflated or burst balloons can present a choking hazard and should never be left with children under the age of eight without supervision. Store balloons away from pets to ensure that they cannot get themselves tangled with balloon ribbons or accidentally ingest popped balloons or their decorative components or contents such as confetti, feathers, or other materials. If a balloon pops, clear away any broken balloons and it's decorative contents (if applicable) immediately.

Balloons and Allergies:

Most latex balloons are made of natural rubber latex which can cause allergies, it's the customers responsibility to ensure the recipient of the display does not have a latex allergy (if Latex is being used in the arrangement ordered) Please look out for symptoms of Latex Allergy in case of allergies and seek immediate help.

Inhalation of Helium:

Inhaling helium can be dangerous and it is strongly advised against. It can deprive your body of oxygen and can result in a fatality.

Balloons and Ceilings:

Lights, paint textures, irregular surfaces and even static can all pop balloons. If you are planning on placing your balloons on a ceiling, ensure that you test it first.

Latex balloons and Oxidization:

Clear latex balloons (in particular) become cloudy quickly when exposed to heat and sunshine. Coloured balloons will take on a velvety, matte appearance, however, this is a normal and expected process of a latex balloon and will happen regardless, just the heat/sun will speed this process up and reduce time of your display looking in tip-top shape. The Oxidization is the natural process of the balloon naturally biodegrading given latex balloons are actually a natural product made by sap of trees.

How to preserve the lifespan of your balloons?

In order to keep your balloons alive and inflated for the longest time and looking nice, we suggest that the following guidelines are followed: 

  ●   Please remove balloons from any bags they are provided/delivered in as soon as arriving home or at the venue to ensure that the balloons are allowed to float freely.

  • Keep balloons at a constant room temperature. If balloons are transported from inside room temperature to outside in cooler/cold temperatures; say in a car to transport and back into room temperature, you may notice they deflate slightly. This in most cases should rectify once balloons are back in consistent room temperature where they should adjust and re-inflate again.

  • Never leave balloons in a car, garage or cold room. Cold air causes the balloon to deflate.

  ●  If balloons get a spot of rain, they should survive, however you may notice when brought in they have deflated slightly or droop and not fully floating (for helium arrangements) but when they have naturally dried off, they should automatically re-inflate. But note if you need to transport outside from car to building or similar and it’s heavily raining, we strongly recommend you wait for the rain to significantly subside, or better stop completely before exposing them to the rain. No liability is accepted by As You Wish Balloon and Events if they are subject to rain, water or damp.

Thank You 

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